Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle of Virginia is a non-profit organization based in Richmond, VA that aims to create an inclusive community by facilitating friendships and social opportunities for people with and without disabilities to connect through meaningful social experiences at home and throughout the community.

1st phase

This project first started as a group project for an interdisciplinary web design class. My team of three worked on the identity system for Friendship Circle including the color scheme, typeface, and overall form of the site.

2nd phase: Designing the site.

Using Indesign and WordPress we drafted out proposals for what Friendship Circle’s website could like like. Our goal was to draft a site that was fresh, clean, approachable for both their senior, adult, and teen audience and modern as per their request.

Our team then utilized WordPress to make the website come to life. Friendship Circle loved the second proposal, then we went to work! We learned the in’s and out’s of WordPress together, asked each other questions, and kept each other on top of our tasks. My task was to work on the home page.

3rd Phase: Going Solo

The end of the semester came and I decided to continue working on the website for Friendship Circle as an independent study. My tasks were to continue working on the navigation, page structure, accessibility, mobile responsiveness, and gathering content. I worked closely with Friendship Circle and took copious notes!