eula lauren

I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was younger. All day and night I would draw dresses, gowns, and ready-wear…

I’ve still kept them. But the question was what to do with them?

A Branding Opportunity

Looking through all my drawings made me rethink what fashion meant to me as a young girl.

In my observations, I saw various shapes, sizes, lengths, and styles depicted and knew then that I had a pension for diversity. Even though I gave up on the notion that I could be a successful fashion designer, I still had hope that a vision like this could exsist.

Looking at the real world, I decided to look to fashion brands that are focused on diversity and what I saw made me smile…

But my label had to be different…

Cartoon Figures?

My sketches wore my garments best. I faced the reality that I could never physically build this label but perhaps I could let these figures speak for themselves.

Each figure has their own sensibility, personality, and uniqueness. I gave each model their own character.

I started there.

In the spring of 2019, I revisted more than 100 drawings I drew since I was in middle school, and redrew them all into one collective mural, one collective vision.